What is wrong with us?

I recently read Sincerely GC’s post about her traumatic experience in which she was assaulted by a drunkard.

Sincerely GC

Since the attack she has been able to forgive the perpetrator and wish blessings on the guy. That’s awesome; to be able to allow yourself that peace after someone has hurt you in an unforgivable way. Astonishing; though not the cause for the rant that follows this statement. Take a look at this:

Sincerely GC 2

I was at the grocery store when a man drops to the ground at check out and starts seizing.



Yells a woman who’s trying to hold him still. I’ll say of the customers who knew what was going on, the majority walked slowly toward seizing customer like zombies instead of calling 911. They were crowding around the guy. I was already talking to a dispatcher. But because of the silent responses from the crowd the woman became frantic.


Long story short. I took my phone call to the woman in distress and passed information between her and the dispatcher. It took forever for the ambulance to come – we eventually had to flag one down – but the man turned out to be okay.

My question is. What’s wrong with people? When someone is in need or in distress


Sincerely GC was upset that no one made even the slightest attempt to help her; not even to call the police. She saved herself. She even became thankful that the incident had happened to her rather than someone else who had never been equipped with self-defense classes.

I wasn’t the only one who called for help; it was me and two other people. Wow. One other guy offered some advice. Stupid customers tried to wheel their cart through where the guy was laying.

“Excuse me you have to go around, he can’t be moved,”

I say in my little girl voice I use when I mean to sound polite. Even though I really wanted to add more than a few curse words in there.


We have to do better. Put the smart phones down and realize that there is a living, breathing person whose life may be in danger. Just WAKE UP!


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